Normandy, France Pt.2/ Mont Saint-Michel

So this post will consist of a couple places that I did not upload from the Normandy Pt.1. You will see the WWII memorial at Brecourt manor, made famous from the tv series Band Of Brothers. I also was able to visit a little town by the name of Sainte-Mère-Église where a paratrooper by the name of John Steele had his parachute caught on one of the pinnacles of the local cathedral. We finished our trip with a day trip we took to see the infamous Mont Saint-Michel, which is a castle in the middle of the ocean!

Since I am still getting the hang of this, as I go on I will start to include my own tips to making trips on a budget and, what apps I use to help me find the cheapest flights and cheapest accommodations. The apps I use are the reason why I was able to travel so much. They helped me not only find flights or a room to stay, they also helped me to find local places to eat and party.

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