The infamous Stonehenge

My trip to Stonehenge was based on a last minute decision. I had flown into London for the 4th time to visit one of my childhood friends from Alaska. Unfortunately, when I came to visit he was on his routine work schedule, which actually helped me plan my trip. So there I was the night before planning how to even get out to western Britain. Although I only had a day to accomplish my mission, I knew like every other trip I had taken I would make it work. Because I was on a time crunch, I ruled out taking a bus and decided to take the train. In Europe you will learn that taking a bus is one of the cheapest ways to travel, and right next to it is flying. Taking a train is actually one of the most expensive ways to travel, but it is so widely used in Europe that they jack up the prices. I did not really have a budget for my trip, so taking a train was the best way to use the limited amount of time I was given. The train ride cost me around 35 Great Britain Pounds, which is about the equivalent to 55 USD. I took the train from London Waterloo and started my one hour and a half journey to a little town called Salisbury, which is close to Stonehenge. When I arrived in Salisbury I visited the Salisbury Cathedral, which contains 1 of the 4 remaining copies of the Magna Carta.



After a quick look at the cathedral I did not have a lot of time so I did what all budget travelers would never do… I took a taxi from Salisbury to Stonehenge. I would highly recommend using a bus, since they do go from Salisbury to Stonehenge quit regularly. The drive was a quick 15 minutes and when you arrive they drop you off at a welcome center where you can grab your entry ticket for 23 USD. Because Stonehenge is actually a little further from the welcome center, they put you on little shuttles and shuttle you to the base of Stonehenge where it is a little walk until you can see it. As I looked around one thing that stood out to me was there is a farm that bumped up right next to Stonehenge with a bunch of sheep grazing something I thought was kind of cool. You can walk around Stonehenge at a distance, BUT if you go during summer solstice you can actually walk amongst the stones.

2 thoughts on “The infamous Stonehenge

  1. Carol Dunnigan says:

    Went to both places! Loved the UK! I wasn’t a photographer at the time, so didn’t take any decent pics. My husband had bought me a camera/camcorder for the trip. Turned out is was like 1 megapixel images! lol


    1. asay08 says:

      I have been to the UK 2 times before I had a camera and was so bummed that I only had bad quality iphone pictues! I was lucky enough to go back and actually take some pictures, but I still wish I could have had more 🙂 thank you for the comment

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