Barcelona, Spain for some tattoos.

Like most the places I visit, I was on a time crunch, and like all other cities I still sit here wishing I had more time at each and everyplace I visited. That ladies and gentlemen is what I call the “travel fever”. When you think back and realize you missed something while you were there, is one of the worst feelings when it comes to traveling… And that is how I feel towards Barcelona, except I still have not been able to go back. This is why I am here so you hopefully don’t make the same mistake as I did. Although I did get to see some of Barcelona, I wish I could have seen more and not even that I wish I could have taken more pictures! I hope you read what I have done, and write them down so you don’t repeat what I did. So when you do decide to travel you have your camera ready and a list of all the major things you want to see.

While I was in Barcelona I went to a tattoo festival, checked out lots of cool graffiti walls and got to see the Sagrada Familia. I will say out of everywhere I have traveled, the Sagrada Familia has the best look from the outside. Something that is so detailed will make you wonder the time that was put into making it. Barcelona is just full of spectacular architecture all over. The food is not only delicious but filling as well. Like most of my travels, I flew to Barcelona for 90 USD roundtrip. Because I was still in the rookie stages of traveling, when it came to flying I was saving, but not so much when it came to finding places to stay. All in all I would recommend Barcelona If you like any type of warm coastal cities that are full of culture, and a amazing nightlife.

During this trip I did not have a camera so most of my pictures are taken with a Iphone.


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