Auschwitz – A humbling experience

I honestly did not know how Auschwitz would be. I had went to Dachau in Germany and something seemed wrong there, like the Germans tried to cover it up. There was just less evidence at Dachau than I was expecting, and things made to look a lot “prettier” then it actually was.


Auschwitz, I felt was on another level. Things seemed to be a lot more untouched, and most buildings were still left standing to look at. I know that Auschwitz was on a large scale and bigger than Dachau, but I still feel like you get more of the experience out of someplace like Auschwitz. A walk-through Auschwitz will have you appreciate the life that you live, and thank the person upstairs for not being a victim of those cruel acts. In the gas chambers you can actually see the scratches from when the individuals tried to claw out of the chambers as the gas took its toll on them. There are also Remnants of their belongings like glasses and suitcases as well as their hair, which was usually cut when they got to the camp. I recommend Auschwitz to any history buff or anyone who wants to see a place of tremendous importance.




TIPS: Auschwitz is actually 3 different parts, which will take a vehicle or bus to get to the other section of it. The Monowitz concentration camp does not really exist anymore, but the best to visit are Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II – Birkenau. Auschwitz I has things like a cafe to get food and drinks and also contains the famous entrance Arbeit macht freiAuschwitz I also has the area in which the commandant Rudolf Hoss was hanged, and other things such as the belongings of the prisoners there. Auschwitz II Birkenau has more of the housing where the prisoners slept, and the train tracks that come into camp which delivered the prisoners. REMEMBER these camps have much to offer so having plenty of time to walk 2 different camps is a must.

4 thoughts on “Auschwitz – A humbling experience

    1. asay08 says:

      Yeah it gets extremely hot in the summer if you read that article about them putting showers outside for people there is year and in the winter time gets freezing. Sad reality


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